Missionaries We Support

Please Pray For Their Ministries!

Rev. Stephen and Michelle Baker – SEND Int’l

Calvin and Shelly Brain – SIM USA

Robert and Joan Brain – SIM USA

Jane Burns – CrossWorld

Gerrie and Anneth Castillo – SEND Int’l

Joe and Jeannie Ciluffo – CAM Int’l

Francois and Margaret Galvez – Global Outreach

Dorr and Nancy Granger – New Tribes Mission

Jeremy and Joy Herrmann – Pioneers

Tom and Mariellyn Hilgeman – Avant

Dale and Carol Hoskins – Wycliffe Bible Translators

Rev. Dr. Mark and Harumi Kane – Global Outreach

Dr. Eric and Melissa Miller – ABWE

Scott and Lorna Muha – TEAM

Rev. Don and Esther Parsons – SEND Int’l

Rev. Andy and Holly Rist – SEND Int’l

Dr. Sharon Samson – SIM USA

Dan and Sheryl Shedd – Reach Beyond

Kirk and Laura Slater – WorldVenture

Roy and Helen Stover – Africa Inland Mission

Ted and Wendy Szymczak – SEND Int’l

Sue Thomson – SEND Int’l

John and Pamela Wollman – Africa Inland Mission